Did you know that your gold-plated jewelry needs some care?


Some day by day situations can wear them out and constant use (which is not recommended) of a plated jewelry may damage them, resulting in the appearance of dark spots, loss of brightness and scratches.

In order to your jewelry last for a long time (and if everything goes right, throughout life), we separated 10 situations that should be avoided, prolonging the durability and appearance of your pieces:

Food Preparation
Who might think of that, right? A common and daily task for some. Your rings and bracelets should be removed at this time; contact with kitchen utensils may end up scratching these jewelry. Another factor that should also be considered is food hygiene, you can always get some remaining stuck in the jewelry and this is not pleasant at all.

Working out Equipment
You, who do not do without this practice, take care! Avoid exercising with rings, when lifting weight and picking up other equipment from the gym, remember to remove these pieces. Because they are made of a soft metal, they can be deformed easily when they touch a harder surface.

Body lotions
One more we did not expect! When you rub that moisturizer you like most, sunscreen or some other cosmetic, do not wear jewelry. After using any of these products, wait a few minutes for the skin to absorb them and do not get in touch with the jewelry. This will prevent any component of the formula from reacting with the alloy metals and wear out the piece.

Over time, the use of the soap can leave a thin film on the jewelry surface, making them opaque. Since we cannot get away from it, we should remember to take them out before taking a shower.

Cleaning Products
This is dangerous! The products we use to clean the house can make the piece opaque and damage it. Remember that the jewelry is made of a metal, and plated with gold, which increases the chance of the substances react to each other. Since your hands will be in direct contact with these products, it is always good to take them off before cleaning or always remember to wear gloves.

Avoid using any plated jewelry when performing some physical activity or any other that requires effort. Sweat can make the piece darker and even corrode it and it can cause some kind of irritation in the area due to the friction generated.

Here are together the two biggest villains! The sand, which because of its hardness scratches the surface of the jewelry easily. In addition, there is the ocean water, which is highly corrosive and can damage the parts fast. To enjoy the beach without worrying, it is important to remember to take the jewelry off before you get there.

Swimming pool
It seems harmless, but it is not! Due to the products used for its cleaning, the jewelry can be damaged. The components of these products react with metals and can cause corrosion. So, before jumping into the swimming pool, put away the rings and necklaces.

Jewelry box
To avoid scratching each other, it is recommended to keep each piece wrapped separately. It is also important to keep them in a dry and airy location, so storing them in the bathroom drawer is not a good option.

Uric Acid
Some people have a high level of uric acid or take some kind of medicine that can elevate this index. The acid can cause metal oxidation and darkening, making the piece opaque. In this case, it is advisable to clean the jewelry more frequently or, if possible, avoid wearing it during this period.

Now that you already know how to make your pieces last longer, just remember to take these precautions with them.

Always be alert to your activities and make your jewelry beauty last longer.

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