Atraindo sorte com olho grego

In ancient civilizations, the Greek eye was an amulet used against evil eye. Nowadays, it has become a trend among bloggers and has been used in the manufacture of various accessories. In addition to being a stylish element, many believe that the item is a symbol of luck and protection.

It is assumed that semi-precious jewels with Greek eye absorb negative energies, so they are produced in glass and in blue color. Why blue color? Simple: the mystics believe that the evil eye would have this color. Then, using the blue color would be easy to attract it. For this reason, the pieces are made of glass, precisely because when the eye absorbs all negative energies from somewhere, it will break.

Believing or not in these superstitions, the Greek eye is inserted in fashion. Nowadays you see rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and an infinity of products with the symbol on them. So, how about learning more about this trend that attracts luck? Check it out!

Origin and meaning

The Greek eye, also known by some people as the Turkish eye or mystic eye, would have appeared in the antiquity and passed from generation to generation, until have conquered the world and become one of the main mystic amulets. Semi-precious jewels with Greek-eye are part of a trend that has come to stay. Being a mystical item, besides protecting against the evil eye, it is able to attract luck, protection and spiritual cleaning to those who wear it.

Wearing semi-precious jewels with Greek eye

Semi-precious jewels with Greek eye, in addition to being known for attracting luck, can be worn in any situation, on every day or formal events. However, in order to put on a nice look, it is necessary to take some care:

On a daily basis, choose simple items with few stones. Wear a ring or necklace with Greek eye, it is still worth betting on the combination of the two pieces. If you intend to wear your semi-precious jewel in a formal event, invest in models that have stones and brilliance. One way to wear accessories is to mingle with other bracelets, making a mix of bracelets. Certainly, you will produce an elegant and stylish look.

See how you can stay protected from negative energies and still be fashionable? Modern and stylish, the Greek eye pieces are versatile and can create different combinations. What are you waiting for? Run to get your semi-precious jewel with Greek eye. Leave your comment and share on your social networks, keep on following our blog to always be updated on the main trends of the fashion world.