Do you know how to differentiate a natural gem from a synthetic one? Humanity has always been fascinated by jewelry, precious stones and other minerals that have become valuable.


A proof of that is the possibility of producing some synthetic gems. In some cases, it becomes difficult to differentiate a natural gem from a synthetic one; such is the perfection they present.


It is necessary to clarify that a synthetic gem is not the same as an artificial gem. Because of the rarity of finding some stones, man has invented ways of creating them artificially. Therefore, synthetic gems have been created, which are like clones of natural stones and can be purchased at a lower cost.


Produced in the laboratory – the production process can take from 6 to 12 months – glass, colorants and plastic materials are usually used in its composition. Besides not having the same resistance of a natural stone, and because there is the interference of man, they do not have any impact on our organism.


Is it worth exchanging a natural stone, which took millions of years to be formed, for a similar one, but of inferior quality? Ask your questions in today’s post!



The main difference between a natural stone and a synthetic stone is the refractive index of light, which in synthetic gemstones is lower, compromising the stone’s brightness. This way, the brightness of natural stones is more vivid and very remarkable, a detail that must be taken into account when choosing the jewel.



Although the imitation is almost perfect, we cannot leave the natural factor aside. The simple fact that the stone is natural is already decisive when deciding whether or not for a synthetic stone. This factor carries durability, which should not be overlooked. As much as the imitation is good, the longevity of a natural gem is much greater than from a synthetic gem.



The natural stones are unique since they have spent billions of years underneath the earth until they were formed. A synthetic stone, due to the simplicity in its production and the ease of being found, cannot be considered rare. Therefore, when you acquire a natural stone, you are carrying something of value and priceless meaning.



It is not recent that precious stones have great influence on our magnetic fields. Since the earliest times, their valorization has happened, mainly, by the energetic charge that they emanate. It is believed that each natural stone has an energy that benefits certain areas. Since synthetic stones are laboratory products, having undergone man interference, this vibration does not happen with them.



You realize that despite the similarity, the advantages of owning a natural stone are uncountable, from its appearance, as the brightness and even the mysticism that it brings itself. Which stone would you choose?


Now that you already know the difference between synthetic and natural gems, come and check out our website! We have several options for you to choose!