Silver is, along with gold, a precious metal that has been worn by men and women since ancient times and remains to this day for the value and beauty that it provides to jewelry and semi-precious jewelry.

In the midst of many ideas and tastes that differ, in the silver trade it is also the same. What happens is that many people, uninformed about this mineral, consider silver jewels as costume jewelry, which is a big mistake.

Pure silver or also called fine silver has the purity content equal to 1000 and it is not used in the manufacturing of jewelry, except in special cases like filigree. Pieces made with 1000 silver have a very low degree of hardness and scratch or bruise easily.


Within this level of purity, the silver has some graduations and the most used are:

Prata 950 – contains 5% copper. It has high brightness and excellent hardness. It is ideal for the manufacturing of handmade jewelry.

Prata 925 – contains from 7.5% to 8% copper alloy.

Prata 90 ou 900 – is the lowest value. After molten, at high temperatures, it is used to plate brass, copper, iron and tin objects, among other metals.

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After all, how is aged silver made?

So, let’s explain, with the regular polished silver the emphasis is given to the total polishing of the jewelry, this way, a lot of people chose to purchase silver natural plated with 1000 silver, which keeps the original color, or even the rhodium plating that gives a more elegant touch to these pieces.

With aged silver jewelry, at the time of polishing, it is dipped in a chemical solution that oxidizes the jewel surface, making it totally black (aged) from there the finishing is directed to the parts that give these jewelry an “aged appearance” thereby getting the dark background and the polished salient parts.

This aging method is used on all silver jewelry- rings, earrings, bracelets, chains and pendants.

We highlight that despite the dark tones of the silver, it remains silver with the same quality that it was manufactured. So, enjoy a lot and make the best choice, because by taking good care of your silver jewelry, it will accompany you for a long time.