Discovered in 1868 by chemist H. How, Howlite is a crystal that can be found in borate placers. Its original color is white, with blackish gray veins, but due to its large porosity, it is easily dyed.


The stone is very popular in the blue color, so it is also known as fake turquoise, and it is constantly confused with turquoise. However, there are great differences between them, both in physical and chemical structure, as well as their medicinal properties.

The possibilities of use are diverse among the semiprecious jewelry: polished in cabochons in the jewelry stores, crystal adorns necklaces, earrings and bracelets. It can also be seen in decorative objects, as it is easy to handle.


However, its use goes beyond the material value of this crystal, transcending the moment of discovery, the indigenous have already used it in a healing way, for body and mind treatments. They believed that it possessed the strength of life, and it was ideal to harmonize reciprocally humans, nature, and animals.

Therefore, this stone is ideal for balancing energies and getting courage. In addition to neutralizing negative energies, it helps to calm people with tendencies to irritability.

Many specialists and therapists use howlite to clean their patients’ impurities, which makes their metabolism and skin better. Also indicated for cases of heartburn, accumulation of harmful elements in the body and restless sleep.

Howlite is the stone of harmony, indicated for those who wish to attract good energies as it carries a very strong symbolism. Because it is very porous, it absorbs a lot of negative energy, so its purification is essential – mineral water and sunshine are all it needs.

The howlite elixir is able to improve skin health, regulate hormones, help on weight loss, it is also possible to boost the ability of understanding and relaxation.

How to prepare the elixir:

1 – Clean and purify properly your crystal (give preference to one never used);
2 – Put the stones in a jar with water;
3 – Leave this immersion for at least 30 minutes – the longer it stays, the more energized the water will be (up to 8h);

Your elixir is ready! However, remember to keep the water in a cool place and avoid leaving it near electronics.