Modelo post bela pedra

With the end of summer and the arrival of fall, it is time to prepare for the upcoming trends. When it comes to accessories and semi-jewels, the neo vintage style stands out. A line that mixes revamped retro with a vintage and contemporary concept. This fashion is responsible for combining the main classics of the 40’s, 60’s and 80’s. Would you like to learn more? So, stay tuned!


Pearls are widely used in the neo vintage concept, since they are attractive, charming and contribute to highlight any look. Classic from the 60’s, pearls were worn by many famous of that time, Marylin Monroe is an example, she wore a pearl necklace, which became influence among women to current days. The trend has stood out again, precisely because it represents a simple and elegant style at the same time. For those who want to bet on pearls, it is recommended to wear large pieces with details in stones, in both necklaces and bracelets, the mixes are also very indicated, since they bring charm and sophistication to your look.

Hoop earrings

In addition to pearls, the hoop earrings are back again in 2018 and promise to continue being “in” in this fall/winter. Silver or gold, they are responsible for bringing in a sophisticated look, offering more joy to your compositions. The tip here: this item perfectly matches ponytails and long dresses.


We have already talked about how chokers have once again become fashionable and since then, they have been present in many people’s looks. The news this year is the chokers complemented with the maxi necklaces. It is noteworthy that maxi necklaces have also become trend some time ago. Everything is worth it: shiny models, lackluster models, with pendants, large or small … Before you create your look, know your style and bet on the pieces that suit you best.

Flower Earrings

We have also talked here on the blog about how flower earrings have come to prominence this year. Earrings, bracelets or necklaces, bet on models with stones. The floral accessories are responsible for making your look more colorful and elegant, showing all your style and personality.



As always, we highlight that the important thing is that you feel good. So, what do you think of the 2018 fall/winter trends? Leave your comment and keep on following our blog. Remembering that in Belapedra you find quality semi-precious jewels, everything done with dedication and commitment, choose the one that suits you the most. See you!