There is a great diversity of stones and crystals and many ways to use them for our benefit, either as an amulet, on an altar or in environments decoration. It does not matter where the crystal or stone will be placed, but they will be vibrating with energy in your favor.

Stones and crystals are nature gifts and attract positive energies into your life. It is impossible for anyone not to be attracted to their beauty and mystery, which always end up arousing people’s curiosity.

Having a stone at home is a practice that has been attracting more and more admirers for its benefits. To benefit from its energy you just need to be involved with meanings from the types existing in the crystals.

As mystical as all of it may seem, we must not forget that the human body and stones originate in the same nature, so that the “exchange” of energies does not seem so supernatural to a great part of science.

Crystals are a manifestation of the purest energy and light on the physical plane. The atoms that compose them are positioned in perfect harmony, allowing the manifestation of light (energy) in solid form.

Therefore, they are the highest species of energy known in the universe. It is not by chance that science has proven that crystals are the best conductors and amplifiers of energy, for this reason they are also used in the composition of optical fiber, computer chips and watches. It is on the same principle of conductivity, receptivity, amplification, and energy generation that stones and crystals are used metaphysically for healing, meditation, and energizing environments or people.

Each crystal, according to the type and organization of its atoms, generates its energetic vibration. This force, when in contact with the energy emanated by our body, blends, resulting in quick, clear and interesting effects.

Get to know the main influences of some stones present in our daily life:

– Topaz: It increases the level of consciousness and enriches the senses, it is the wisdom and prosperity stone.

– Turquoise: It is considered sacred to the Buddhists and Tibetans, because it symbolizes the sea and the sky (with their dimensions of depth and infinity). This stone brings emotional balance, relieves sadness feelings and acts against depression; it also helps against angina and lung problems.

– Emerald: It strengthens the immune system and is known as the stone of hope, also acting in strengthening spiritual sensitivity.

– Crystal Rock: It helps in the development of psychic and spiritual abilities, favoring meditation and balance.

– Amber: Relieves headaches and assists in balancing brain functions.

– Marine Water: It has relaxing power and it is able to balance, bring peace and calm. This stone is widely used against stress and physical and mental exhaustion.

– Red Agate: With electromagnetic properties and great power of irradiation, it restores energies and reinforces self-confidence.

Have a crystal at home and watch the energies flow in your life!

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