Did you know that, in the world, there are nine geographical regions rich in gems and, among them; our country occupies the first place? That is right, Brazil is a country of many riches and one of them is related to precious stones.

In our country, we count with more than one hundred types of stones found. The semiprecious jewelry manufactured here have a great demand all over the world, since the quality, beauty and fair price are insuperable.

In addition to the visual, the positive impact that stones bring to the body is also an attractive of Brazilian stones. Its side action to medical treatments has been used for years by people around the world to help in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Let us know 5 Brazilian stones, then?



Agate stones are found in several colors, however their natural colors are usually pale and gray, but by artificial means, they may come to acquire different colorations and shining tonalities.

Formerly they were used as pharaohs’ amulets; today they are used on children as protection and are highly associated with balance and harmony.



The Amethyst is the oldest gemstone that has been registered, used by man for more than 25 thousand years and Brazil is the main producer country in the world. This gem has great beauty and is one of the most popular for its affordable price. It is worth mentioning that proper cut makes it possible to emphasize its beauty. The gem is found in violet color, with reddish or bluish nuances and the intensity of the purple shade makes it even more valuable.



Known as “the amethyst brother” the citrine is found in various shades, in orange, yellow, yellowish brown, brownish red and cognac colors (also known as Rio Grande Citrine). The perfection of the stone cut, which is the most found in Brazil, highlights even more its beauty.

Smokey Quartz


Did you know that the name Smoky Quartz is this because it was once believed that this variety of quartz had smoke inside? In addition, for centuries it was one of the most carved and searched stones and today Brazil stands out by being the biggest producer of the gem.

It is considered one of the brightest dark stones of nowadays and according to therapists, it is one of the most powerful stones under our spiritual energy.



The ancients already said, “Not everything that glitters is gold”, it can be rutile as well. The golden threads of this stone are rutiles, a type of mineral composed of titanium dioxide, which causes a fantastic effect.

The Rutile can contain up to 10% iron, has metallic brightness and the most common is to find it in brown and red. Hence the name “Rutile”, which comes from the Latin “Rutilus” meaning “Red”.

 In necklaces, rings or earrings, national stones are more and more, conquering the whole world. For those who want to buy an authentic product, for gift or for own use, there is nothing more elegant and accurate!