The amazonite is a light green to bluish stone, and it is often used as an ornamental stone, mainly in jewelry and statuaries.

It is found in Brazil, Russia, the United States, Canada, India, Mozambique and Austria, contrary to what many people associate by its name, it is not a product of the Amazon River. It is part of the silicate group, the most abundant of minerals and gems on the planet. Many still call it Brazil jade.

Its greenish color derives from a certain amount of copper, it shows the soft, the hope and the renovation (of tissues, cells). Thus, it is believed that the amazonite has the power to assist in healing of the liver, kidneys and spleen.

Very used for energizing and personal expressiveness. Its greatest benefits are linked to increasing creative energy, reducing depression, lightly energizing the physical body and the nervous system, strengthening the aura.

The amazonite calms the brain, the nervous system, and helps us filter information and associate it with our natural intuition. This can help you find the most effective expression way.


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