Each crystal contains specific properties and powers that can bring benefits to our life, our health and our environment. However, it is not enough just to buy them and use them as decoration at home or wear them in a necklace, you also need to clean the crystals and energize them so that they act according to the energy you need.

For the energy properties to return to the stones and crystals, they must receive a positive energetic stimulus from some external source.

This stimulus can be acquired in several ways, but in order to facilitate it, we have selected to you the cleaning and energizing methods most consecrated by the specialists in crystals and stones.


Natural flowing water: It is one of the most used ways; simply bathe your crystals in waterfall, sea, rain or rivers water that are not polluted. Leave them immersed for as long as your intuition dictates.

Water with coarse salt: Put a little salt in a container with water and place your crystal in it. Let it rest for a few hours and then rinse it with running water to remove the salt.

Smoking: Light an incense of your choice and let the smoke go through all the faces of the crystal for as long as you consider necessary.

Rain: Did it start to rain? Put your crystals to take a rain shower, it is great for energy cleansing.


Solar Energization: It consists of using the energy of the Sun to activate the Crystal. It is recommended that it is done until noon. Be careful, too much solar radiation can be aggressive for some colored crystals, so they should be exposed to the Sun for no more than 30 minutes.

Lunar Energization: It consists of exposing stones and crystals to moonlight at night. This type of energization also favors the stimulation of feminine, maternal and intuitive energies. Since the Moonlight is not aggressive to the Crystals, we can leave them charging through all night.

Earth: The crystals came from the earth so they can be recharged when in contact with it. You can bury your crystal in your yard or in a plant vase by keeping it there for 24 hours or you can simply lay it on the ground for a few hours that it also energizes.

Energization by laying on of hands: It consists in directing the vital energy of the Universe to the Crystals using the hands and the will power. Calm your mind, relax for 3 minutes and then, extend your hands toward the stone or crystal. During the process, mentally visualize the passage of energy from the hands to the crystals.

Which is the best method to energize my stones and crystals?

This should be decided preferentially by your own intuition and feelings, in spiritual matters your heart and your senses are always your best guides. If you wish, you can still use combinations of these methods without any risk of causing energy interference.