Brincos com pedras naturais

It is a fact that earrings are essential accessories for anyone looking for an interesting look. Nowadays, it has become almost impossible to leave the house without this item so important for most women. With an infinity of models and sizes, it is difficult to choose an ideal piece since we always want everything! For this reason, our tip is earrings with natural stones. In addition to suit any occasion really well, they can be worn in the most different times of the year. Check it out!

Wearing earrings with stones

The earrings with natural stones are ideal for those who want to be a success in the visual. In addition to match with any style, they can be worn in any season of the year. In order not to make mistakes, some important care must be taken wearing this type of piece. For example, if you prefer large models, avoid wearing eye-catching necklaces; go for small, discreet pieces.

Do you want to make a beautiful contrast with your semi-precious jewels? Look for accessories that match the color of your eyes. If you have green eyes, invest in earrings with stones in green quartz shades. For those with blue eyes, bet on earrings with turquoise stones or black. For those who have black or brown eyes, the tip is to prioritize earrings with stones that have bright colors like emerald, ruby and even the golden topaz.

It is worth remembering that a little care is needed, not to overdo the productions and guarantee a harmonious look. An important tip is about the hairstyle, it is as important as the accessory. If you have short hair or like tied hairstyles, medium and small size earrings are perfect. For women who have long hair, go for larger models. Paying attention to the size of hair and earrings, your beauty will be even more evident. Are you wondering if the earring chosen will match your outfit? The secret here is to try. Try different looks and find the perfect model.

Which stone do I choose?

With an abundance of natural stones, it is difficult to choose a single stone. Therefore, we separated the main ones for you to choose, to create a nice look and be a success:


Mother of pearl;


Emerald e acquamarine;


We emphasize that there are more than 130 types of minerals classified as precious stones; in addition, each one has a unique beauty. Our tip: know the different types of gems and find your favorite one. Do not be afraid of trying different combinations, the secret is to dare. Keep following our blog to be in the main trends and news. It is worth reminding that in Belapedra we help you choose the right semi-precious jewel, contact us and find out more!