When it comes to jewelry, all protection is welcome!

Increasingly indicated at jewelry stores, rhodium plate has gained space in the market.

However, do you know exactly what it is?

Rhodium is a metal from the platinum family, extremely bright and hard. When the piece is immersed in the aqueous solution of sulfuric acid and rhodium sulfate, it receives a layer that provides protection, avoiding scratches and spots appearance.

Thus, rhodium plate is a finish that gives a silver brightness to an outer layer that silver or white gold jewelry receive.

The rhodium finish offers the piece more durability than a gold or silver only jewelry, in addition it is able to enhance the color and give shine to the jewelry.


Another process that has been requested is the dark jewelry or black rhodium plate – where a bright black dye is applied to this layer, either by immersion or by a selective application, darkening the piece and giving a sophisticated touch to it.

Rhodium plate is a procedure performed by the great majority of jewelers, it is important to stress that this process is not eternal; it requires constant maintenance, due to daily wearing this layer ends up being removed gradually, needing a new plate.


When necessary, remember to request the total removal of the previous layer, only this will ensure total adherence of the new plate.

So, do you like the idea? To protect and give brightness to your favorite jewelry you already know what to do.

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