Druse is the in stone of the fashion scene in accessories. From them are originated beautiful pieces to compose any look, making it stylish for any occasion. These pieces are composed by groupings of crystals isolated on a single base and provide irregular brightness, a wide variety of colors and a raw finish that is the differential of this type of semiprecious jewelry.

If you have not thought of inserting them in your catalog along with the semiprecious jewelry yet, we suggest you check out our three tips below.

1. Beauty: the impression of having crystals


Druse is a term used in Mineralogy, which defines a flat surface covered by crystals. Therefore, it is no wonder that this gem has a singular aspect, which gives us the impression of having several crystals glued to it, when in fact it is a single stone.

The most beloved stone of the moment can make several accessories such as rings, earrings, bracelets and even necklaces, and despite the brightness of the various druses crystals, they fit very well both day and night. It will all depend on how you are going to apply it in the jewel.

2. The pieces become unique

We can be sure of one thing: no matter how many pieces come from that particular collection, one will never be the same as the other.

Druses by themselves are not uniform stones; the appearance of several crystals makes its surface uneven, which ends up making each piece unique. Beauty allied to such a privilege? We love it.

3. Flexibility of application in various designs


Druses combine with everything: necklaces, rings, earrings and sets. The combination of the raw stone with gold or silver also attracts attention and makes itself interesting. The raw state of the jewelry, gives a nice contrast to the pieces that have the mixture of delicate finishes, the irregularity and the intense brightness sophisticate the piece. The texture mix gives a unique and elegant aesthetic at the same time.

The colors and sizes options are gigantic, having in mind that both the tones and the reflections of the stones can vary since their elaboration is completely handmade.

The possibilities are diverse and the advantages are innumerable. If you do not have pieces with druses yet, it is time to ensure and enjoy this trend, which has already fallen into women’s arms.